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April 28th
Miss California Teen Achieve & Miss California Woman of Achievement Pageant

August 3-5
Miss American Achievement and U.S. Teen Achieve Nationals – Los Angeles, CA

August 24-26
Ms & Mrs. California Weekend & International Pageant Weekend

November 2-4


from our National Queens for 2018!

Iris Pena

Mrs. U.S. Woman of Achievement Platform: Green Initiatives

Tamara Michelle

Ms. U. S. Woman of Achievement

Platform: Seatbelt Safety and Motor Vehicle Safety for Children

Candice Woods

Ms. Elite U.S.

New Ms. Elite U.S. is Candice Woods (CA). This educator has a platform on Foster Care and Mentoring and Being a Superhero to a child. A mom of two sons, Candice won a Platform award and a Talent Award before taking the National title in her division.

Molly Edwards

Mrs. Elite U.S. Woman of Achievement - 2017

Molly Edwards (formerly Mrs. Elite AZ) won evening gown, top points in Platform for her work in Childhelp, a fitness award and top Speech at Nationals.

Marsha Feldman

2017 U.S. WOA Ambassador Queen

Marsha's platform is "Encouraging others to empower their passion by taking it to the next level." As a local running champion, Marsha has participated in over 140 charity races, promoting heart health, the AHA & is also very active with Professional Women's Organizations in Florida.

Laura Kutryb (Florida) won top interview, top community sponsorship, and top best fitness and Photogenic to become our new Ms. National United States. Her work with her local Humane Society also won a platform award.

Laura Kutryb

Ms. National United States

Brooke Westlake-Kelley

Ms. National United States
Lifetime Queen

Twice winning top honors in Platform Excellence at WOA, and named to the Nevada State Commission for Women, Brooke has raised over $10 million for the National Alzheimer's Association.

“Where Your Platform Is Our Passion”

Woman of Achievement offers a venue for single and married women of all ages to attend networking events, an Annual Leadership Luncheon and National Pageant awarding cash grants for community service as well as recognition for academic achievement, self improvement through creative arts and public speaking. The mission of Woman of Achievement is to recognize outstanding women and organizations for their work in their respective communities, and to connect women through networking and enrichment courses. We welcome nominations of outstanding women who deserve to be rewarded for giving back to their communities.

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What is Woman of Achievement?

Acknowledging the Beauty in Service, Self-Development and Education Among Today’s Modern Woman.

 Platform Preliminary Finalists

 Platform Cash Award Winners

Ani Hugdens (Florida)
Seatbelt Safety

Kim Summerall (Arizona)
Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery & Support

Angela getting check2

Elizabeth Nicole
(Ms. Florida)

Brooke getting check2

The Queen Mary

Location: Aboard the Queen Mary Ship leaving Long Beach,CA

Wake up in a whole new world! Welcome aboard The Queen Mary

Judging Criteria

Awarding Women Who Are Making A Difference

We offer Seminars, Leadership Workshops and a Pageant Competition for women who are active with community platforms, education and/or visual or performing arts.

25% Personal Interview

25% Platform Interview

20% Creative Expression/Speech

15% Evening Gown

15% Fitness

The Contestants

“Thank you for running a fair competition! I’ve been in other pageants that didn’t seem to end so well but after this one I have several women I will be recommending!” -Elvira Osmonov Miss Hollywood Woman of Achievement

Not a beauty pageant but an achievement pageant…

for women.

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Participating in the Woman of Achievement Pageant was more than just a competition. It was 2 days of discovering myself, my desires and how much potential I have. This program doesn’t only focus on outward appearance; it focuses on what lies within…

– Mercedes H. Former Miss California

November 10- 12, 2017








’til the National Pageant

Woman of Achievement

Welcomes You!

Delegates who have not paid their total title fee by November 1st, prior to the Pageant will incur 10% late fee.

Pageant is responsible only for the prizes it (Woman of Achievement) directly offers…it is not responsible for material and/or cash prizes promised to delegates by donors as we ultimately have no control other entities or persons to honor their commitments.